PotatoRoid Placeable Asteroid Mod W.I.P.

501 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 16, 2016 Game Version: 1.0.5

Hey Guys!

I'm bringing you a new kind of mod that will allow you to select/place Asteroids into your crafts in SPH/VAB!

To select the "Potato like Rock", just go to the Science Tab.

This is a Work in Progress, so expect some bugs, such as:


-The Attachment points may seem a bit glitchy and a bit offset in the SPH/VAB, but thats because the asteroid is smaller inside the SPH/VAB.

-Due to the Asteroid's shape, the Attachment points still require a bit of trimming and may blow your craft up!(You can, however disable crash damage during the launch).

-To Avoid Glitches, just use the asteroid as a "mining well", that is, place it on the runway and use other crafts to harvest its resources.


Hope you enjoyed the mod!


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