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PartTweaks aims to improve the working in editor and making parts more realistic. It also ballances partgroups like air intakes out to solve some big problems with parts never get used because of their bad statistic.

Overall Patwe just wants to make your time ingame as comfortable as possible.



Target group: New players as well as veterans hanging around a lot in VAB and SPH wanting their play experience as smooth and uncomplicated as possible! (Archieve best experience with other mods like: TweakScale, Mechjeb, Kerbal Engineer Redux)



Gameplay changes:

  • Fuel filled wings, aerodynimcs and structurals (since: 0.1 changed: 0.2, 0.4, 0.65)

    Wings & Aerodynamics: Aerodynamic Nose Cone, Swept Wings, Advanced Nose Cone - Type A, Advanced Nose Cone - Type B, Small Nose Cone, Tail Connector A, Tail Connector B, Protective Rocket Nose Cone Mk7, Wing Connector Type A, Wing Connector Type B, Wing Connector Type C, Wing Connector Type D, Wing Connector Type E, Delta Wing, Structural Wing Type A, Structural Wing Type B, Swept Wing Type A, Swept Wing Type B

    Structurals: TVR-200L Stack Bi-Adapter, TVR-400L Stack Quad-Adapter, TVR-300L Stack Tri-Adapter, FL-A10 Adapter, Structural Fuselage, Kerbodyne ADTP-2-3, Rockomax HubMax Multi-Point Connector, The Not-Rockomax Micronode, Small, Structural Pylon

    Mods: Heat-Resistant Parts (+Interstellar Fuel Switch, CrossFeedEnabler)

  • Ballanced air intakes

    Stock ballance:

    Part Int. Air Mass (empty) Liq. Fuel Price (raw)
    Circular Intake 2.0 0.050 none 680
    XM-G50 Radial Air Intake 2.0 0.030 none 250
    Shock Cone Intake 2.0 0.130 none 3,050
    Adjustable Ram Intake 2.0 0.070 none 2,680
    Engine Pre-Cooler 5.0 0.175 40 1,650
    Engine Nacelle 5.0 0.175 150 600

    PartTweaks' ballance:

    Circular Intake 2.0 0.050 none 820
    XM-G50 Radial Air Intake 2.0 0.035 none 550
    Shock Cone Intake 2.0 0.105 15 1,030
    Adjustable Ram Intake 1.85 0.065 none 2,050
    Engine Pre-Cooler 5.0 0.155 55 2,600
    Engine Nacelle 5.0 0.170 150 3,000
  • Comming soon!
  • Note, that some facets of KSP get easier but other more difficult by this changes. Prepare for another partballancing than you know!



Supported / Included mods:



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