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  1.                             Download the zip folder called ModPrts+ and unzip it.
  2.                             Grab the two folders out from it.
  3.                             Grab the "Boostly liquid fuel engine" folder and put it into the engine directory.
  4.                             Grab the "Y200-17 fuel tank" folder and put it into the fuel tank directory.
  5.                             Download the zip folder called ModPrts-0.2 and Unzip it 
  6.                             Grab the "Dark energy engine" folder and  put it into the engine directory

Note: this mod is in alpha so if you encounter any bugs tell me.

        What does it add?

The very high thrust boostly engine.

The very resource rich Y200-17 fuel tank.

The electric Mono propellant Xenon Noon engine

The energizing Mega energizer battery

If you suggest ideas it will sure be more!

        Upcoming soon:

                                75-RB RCS thruster (mono-propellant engine)

                                Solar pistons. (Solar panels that extend like pistons and can have attached parts anywhere

        How to use:

Simply just go mad with powerful tweaked parts!

Try getting to the mun with only 3 boostly engines and 3 Y200-17 tanks

Try making a cannon with the high thrust boostly

Satellites with the energetic mega energizer battery

Go on the runway with those parts... no seriously when the ship got into the sea when it launched off the runway and crashed it said my total speed was 19.6 g


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