Pappolo Flite Panel

602 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 13, 2016 Game Version: 1.2-prerelease

The Pappolo Flite Panel displays in the flight view in a Appolo DSKY style some useful informations only available in map or internal views such as :

- Altitude from ground (known as Radar Altitude).

- Coordinates on planets, N = Northing for longitude, E = Easting for latitude.

- Apoapsis and Periapsis.



This panel can be dragged en dropped anywhere, and can be unactivated by clicking on the "P" icon.


Position of this icon can be modified by editing config.xml file found in PappoloPanel/Plugins/PluginData/PappoloPanel folder and by changing iconxpos & iconypos values.


Unzip and install on GameData folder.


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