P.E.S.T. - Probe Expansion and Science Things

4,278 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 3, 2015 Game Version: 0.90

Hello everyone! This mod basically gives two different probe cores for satellites or probes and a few new science parts, because you can never have too much science.

Parts in this mod:
SP-X1- Spherical probe core with attachments on both ends, making it useful inside stacks. A little more versatile.
GENSYS - Probe core based off of the Dawn spacecraft. Hollow inside, allows you to store fuel or engines. Is equipped with full SAS, 20 units of monopropellant, and a 200 unit battery.

Probe Shock Absorber - Based on the Venera probes, it's a heavy part that can help ensure your probe lands right side up. It also kind of helps with aerobraking.

Coiled Antenna - Long range, low energy antenna for spacecraft. Pretty simple, has attachment nodes on top and bottom.
Gas Chromatographer - A small device that analyzes the chemical makeup of an atmosphere.

Planned/In-the-Works Parts/Features:

GRaND - Gamma Ray and Neutron Detector. Everything is finished but for some reason it doesn't perform the experiment in-game.
Outer Planets Mod compatibility - Soon...

Hopefully you guys enjoy this mod! Please let me know any comments or concerns you have.


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