1,724 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 16, 2017 Game Version: 1.3.1

Hello KSP players, here is an interesting mod that adds atmospheres to those planets and moons which don't have atmospheres of the Kerbol system.



  1. Download the mods Kopernicus (1.3.0-4 IMPORTANT!!), ModularFlightIntegrator (It is already integrated in Kopernicus!) and the mods ModuleManager (2.8.0 IMPORTANT!!)
  2. Put the mods files in the GameData folder
  3. Start the game (KSP)
  4. Have fun  

And if you have a suggestion or find bugs or errors, contact us (pikmin-123@hotmail.com or make a private message in the forum of KSP or otherwise) Thank you very much!


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