Modular Management (MM)

Modular Management is an convenient entry point Package for KSP modding with all batteries included.

It pre packages imprescindible (or very useful at least) components for starting up a safe and cohesive KSP installation in a single shot with components well maintained and well supported by the authors.

You will not be left high and dry while flying your favorites crafts over Kerbin and beyound!

Current Modules


Offer standardised, KSP version abstracted features, utilities and helpers to help the fellow KSP Add'On Author to seamless support past, present and (hopefully) future versions of KSP without needing even a recompile.

Fellow Authors willing to use this library are welcome to read the documentation available here.

Module Manager /L

ModuleManager is a mod that let you write patches that edit other parts at load time.

This is Lisias' fork for Module Manager, and it's intended to bring functionality and performant improvements to ModuleManager - with great to moderate success being achieved toward these goals (most of the time!), as well others not mentioned here.

Backwards compatibility is guaranteed - including functional bugs on Module Manager - Forum. MM/L's patching output will be always the same as Module Manager - Forum, salvo new (and optional) features when not present on Module Manager - Forum.

Module Manager Watch Dog

MMWD is a Watch Dog to monitor Module Manager, preventing known (and unsolved) bugs on KSP 1.8 and newer that affects it.

Additional services for updating specific DLLs on GameData are now part of the solution, making it useful even for KSP <= 1.7.3 .


  • Module Manager /L does not replaces Forum Module Manager if it is already installed.
    • If you plan to use MM/L you need to manually remove FMM from your GameData BEFORE installing Modular Management.
  • If Forum Module Manager is installed after Module Manager /L is active, The Watch Dog will bark and you will need to remove one of them in order to run KSP.


This work is licensed under a restrictive license (SKL 1.0). Be advised that redistribution of derivatives is expressibly forbidden.

Individual packages under the GameData directory are distributed under their own licenses, and are available individually — check their respective README and LICENCE files for details.


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