Mk3 Airliner

13,012 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 3, 2017 Game Version: 1.3




Simply drag the content of the .zip file into your KSP install directory, and inside GameData, check there are no duplicate of ModuleManager.dll


Please download from their official download pages if you wish to have instruments in IVA mode.

RasterPropMonitor, by Mihara, MOARdV

ASET Prop pack, by alexustas


Must Have Mods:

Kerbal Foundries, by Lo-Fi/ShadowMage
[contains Adjustable Landing Gears which are much better than stock landing gears. Two of the pre-built craft requires this.]
Pilot Assistant, by Crzyrndm
[can be used as auto pilot to maintain your heading, altitude and speed for long trips.]
Janitor's Closet, by linuxgurugamer
[some parts of this mod look exactly the same as stock parts. Use this mod to avoid confusion.]



Mk3 Airliner Forum Page - For comments or bug report!


Looking Forward to your feed backs!

Thanks for downloading and supporting this mod!


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