Magic Smoke Industries Infernal Robotics

481,766 Downloads Last Updated: May 5, 2016 Game Version: 1.1

This mod introduces robotics parts to the game, letting you create moving or spinning contraptions that just aren't possible under stock KSP.


How do I use Infernal Robotics parts?


What does Infernal Robotics let me do?

NOTE: robotics parts in this video came from the Model Rework & Expansion



  • Support for 1.1
  • Fix for unnecessary EC consumption for uncontrolled parts.



  • Recompile for 1.0.5


0.21.2 Changelog

  • Made our AppLauncher icon follow the same behaviour as when blizzy's toolbar installed and only show when there are robotic parts on the craft in flight. Editor button is still always visible.
  • Fixed .version file
  • Updated KSPAPIExtensions.dll dependency
  • Converted Legacy parts textures to DDS
  • Rearranged Legacy parts position in tech tree.
  • Added support for CTT for Legacy parts.

0.21.1 Changelog

  • Updated the stock toolbar as there was a bug. 


0.21.0 Changelog

  • Recompiled for KSP 1.0
  • Updated stock toolbar support
  • Updated custom parts filter. New icon! 


0.20.0 Changelog


  • BREAKING: Field "Coarse Speed" has been renamed in the UI to just "Speed". Will affect all KOS scripts that read or change that field. Field name in part.cfg has not changed, so all existing crafts should load successfully.
  • BREAKING: Some Events and Actions has been renamed in the UI, check your IR related kOS scripts.
  • BREAKING: Part config fields "maxRange" and "minRange" are now obsolete. There are no reworked or legacy parts that use those two fields.
  • NEW: All controllable servos now have Acceleration parameter. As the name suggest it is the rate at which servos speed up or slow down. Default value for legacy parts is 4x.
  • Acceleration and Speed are only applied in-flight, in editor parts move at their default speed.
    Tip: Lower acceleration allows for smoother movements leading to less wobble, but at the cost of lower speed.
  • NEW: You can create preset positions for all controllable servos and switch between them in flight and in editor.
  • Presets are automatically sorted from lowest to highest
  • In editor you can switch between presets either on main Servo Configurator GUI or via Preset Editor
  • In flight you can move servo from current position to next or previous preset position via main Servo Controller GUI or using ActionGroups
  • You can move servo to arbitrary preset position via Preset Editor window both in flight and in editor.
  • For examples on using presets refer to the video overview linked below.
  • NEW: Integration into other mods through API
  • GUI Redesign
  • Redesigned Editor UI to fit most of the relevant fields and actions in one window.
  • You can now move individual servos and change their main parameters from single IR window without the need to right-click every servo.
  • Redesigned in-flight controls to accommodate all new changes and for better readability.
  • All IR in-flight windows now obey F2 command (hide/show UI) and should not get in the way of your awesome screenshots.
  • Custom category in editor listing all robotic parts.
  • Editor and Flight window width is scaled dynamically.
  • Editor window now has an option to revert servo to default position (usually 0).
  • You can move servos to precise positions in editor by creating presets and snapping servos to them.
  • Position and ranges for inverted axis parts are now shown in different style.
  • All buttons now have basic tooltips.
  • Whole set of new icons for a polished looks.
  • TweakScale configs on Legacy parts have been fixed to work with the latest version of TweakScale.
  • Servo sound's pitch now scales with servo's movement speed


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