[Krash Inc] {MegaPack}

6,410 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 27, 2018 Game Version: 1.5.1

[Krash Inc] {MegaPack} is a Part Package and reskin overhaul with PBR Textures.


This Parts pack add 20+ new PBR Fuel Tanks to compete against the Jumbo 64.

More Parts will be added over time.


Version.001 : Dx-Tank-25x Series


  • Dv-Tank Format : 1.25m to 2.5m x3
  • D-Tank Format : 2.5m x3
  • Db-Tank Format : Ballouned 2.5m x3
  • Dw-Tank Format : 2.5m to 3.75m x3
  • 250 Type : Armored Tank (crashTolerance = 12m/s) x4
  • 251 Type : HeatShielded Tank x4
  • 252 Type : Solar Powered Tank x4


Version.002 : X4-250-X Series


The X4-250-X series bring a new way to build rocket with a new design for the Jumbo 64 tank. More compact but surrounded by 4 1.25m mounts filled with LFO fuel or even LFO Engines with the G variant. Enjoy !


8x X4-250-X variants : Avaible with basics.cfg to be balanced by the fans!


Post me your best balanced .cfg files on the forum or discord ! Thank you for your support ! Really appreciated !


Krash Inc deny any responsability if you krash into a static object or explode at refueling. Agencie added somewhere hidden in a place somewhere.


Added PBR Shader Config and textures. Enjoy !

Pre-requiste for PBR : [Textures Unlimited Mod](https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/167450-141-textures-unlimited-pbr-shader-texture-and-model-api/)



Under Construction ! We are Recruiting Modders & Beta Testers ! PM Warsoul On KsP Forum !






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