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What is Knes mod?

This is a stockalike parts mod that allows you to create European rockets and Fictional spacecraft.
The mod adds many number of parts, including launchers and spacecraft parts in a stockalike style.
Ariane 5 in 3.75 m Size, Hermes Space Shuttle, CEV, IXV and more... The rockets are Overpowered. Balanced against stock parts, as to not be intentionally useless.
This mod is made for Kerbals, not to recreate real rockets with the same performance.

Supported mods by Compatibility patch ( Module Manager Required for patch):

Kerbal inventory system(KIS)


Dependencies ( For IVA ):

- Near Future Props 

My mod CEV Lockheed Kerbin is now include in this pack with a different name.

The Lift for the CEV and IXV is really important, Use included Craft Files with MechJeb for launch, or Use RCS / SafeSystem(reaction wheels) for a better control !!! Or launch the Shuttle inside a fairing.


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