Japanese New Year decorations Pack

1,072 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 31, 2018 Game Version: 1.6.0

This MOD includes parts set for a Japanese New Year decorations.
** This is a sort of a Joke MOD, please don't take seriously. **


Current release includes parts set for these:

  • Kagami mochi (a traditional Japanese new year decoration made with rice cake)
  • Hamaya (means "demon-breaking arrow", which is sold at shrines)
  • Three types of Sakadaru (means "sake-barrel")
  • Kadomatsu (a traditional Japanese new year decoration made with pine and bamboo)
  • Koma (a Japanese top)
  • Kendama (A similar toy with cup-and-ball)
  • Japanese Kite

 Localization is also supported:
     Japanese : Native
     English  : Manual translation
     Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese : Using Google translation from English
                      (I can't check if these translations are correct, or make sense.)


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