IXS Class 1.0 for Stock-KSP

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IXS Class 1.0 for Stock KSP

Originally created for WavefunctionP's latest version of Kerbal Interstellar Lite mod, this is the ALTERED version, to work with base-game Stock KSP - requiring no mods other than firespitter, which it comes bundled with.


This is the "Entire Kit n Kaboodle" version, which also brings with it the IXS spacedock, created to specifically house the ship for your spacestations or shipyards. (Extraplanetary Launchpads mod capable). The IXS also has TAC Life support functionality, and Karbonite specific fuel tank and science detector.

Stock KSP IXS Class changes : -

- All parts fit into the stock Research Tree

- The Main Hull changes from an antimatter reactor to a Laser Ignited Fusion Reactor. Creating vast amounts of electricity that is required to power the QV Engine. Not a requirement to use the QV Engine, but makes trips with the QV engine much much easier.

- Antimatter Collector renamed to Xenon Gas Collector, and collects trace amounts of Xenon Gas along it's voyage. Takes an extremely long time to be effective.

- Quantum Vacuum Engine is now a QV/Xenon Gas Hyrbrid, and is designed as an endgame, powerful version of the ion drive. Even so, it runs out of gas on longer trips, BUT can be slowly replenished along the way if using a xenon collector (the rebranded Anti-matter collector). This makes it more like the actual idea of the Quantum Vacuum drive, ie - it becomes more fuel efficient the further you travel, and lives off the universe itself without being overpowered.

- Alcubierre Rings are the most altered. Going from Warp Rings to Xenon Gas Particle Accelerators, pretending that whizzing the xenon particles around a lot before going into the engine would increase their efficiency. The rings hold both electric charge and large quantities of xenon gas.

- Larger amount of basic life support placed in the crew and science modules (since you wont be warping everywhere in a few hours/days)

- Karbonite science scanner remains as it is in IXS Class KSP-I version.

- Magnetometer instrument gives out the same science it does in Interstellar, although by a reduced amount due to the stock game research tree being smaller.

- Gamma Ray Spectrometer now gives out science also, but again, at a reduced rate due to current stock KSP game balance.

- All other science pods, fuel tanks, and peripherals remain the same.

That should be everything! You obviously dont have to follow any set idea of how to use or create this ship, and can use it as you see fit! Enjoy!

I put all my time, heart and soul into it when i do something like this in order to make it the best i can, and be as professional as possible, so if you want to buy me a drink as thanks, or show appreciation for my enthusiasm, then feel free to just click the donate button top right!


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