Hullcam VDS

104,049 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 31, 2016 Game Version: 1.0.5

Hullcam let's you add cameras to any part of your vehicle or construction.

Source code available under GPL license

Version history


V0.40 8-May-2014

- Added wide angle camera
- Added EVA view for female Kerbals
- Fixed DDS alpha layers
- Cameras start up with their minimum zoom
- Fixed cycle back key when main camera is active
- Removed unneeded MBM file 


V0.34.1 1-May-2014
-Fixed Navcam overlay transparency


V0.34 29-Apr-2014
- Compiled against 1.0
- Converted textures to DDS, mod size went from 30MB to 13MB
- Fixed attachment node for the telescopes Pictozoom 2000 and 1000

V0.33 16-Dec-2014
- Compiled against 0.90
- Fixed spelling error in settings.cfg

V0.32 13-Oct-2014
- Compiled against 0.25

V0.31 7-Sep-2014
- Compiled against 0.24.2

V0.3 7-Jun-2014
- Fixed a bug which broke returning to the main camera when using action groups
- Added assembly info

V0.2.9.5 29-Apr-2014
- Converted Pictozoom 2000 Telescope and Basic Hullcam Deluxe to MU

V0.2.9.2 20-Apr-2014
- fixed a bug which accidentally slipped in

V0.2.9.1 21-Apr-2014
- Compiled against 0.23.5

V0.2.9 30-Dec-2013
- Added the new camera science module, from L-tech Science, to every camera.
- Added the following new cameras made by Rubber Ducky:
- Launchpad camera - made for being set up around the launchpad for great views of lift-offs. Future update will have a moving version.
- ScienceCam - just a basic all-purpose camera
- NavCam - tiny with a wide FOV, mainly for piloting rovers. Has a static-y overlay built into the model.
- BoosterCam - a variation of aerocam; two cameras built in, facing up and down.

V0.2.8 18-Dec-2013
-Small compatibility update

V0.2.7.1 27-Oct-2013
-Added support for the L-Tech Scientific Stuff mod

V0.2.7 25-Oct-2013
-Map bug fixed by a.g. (skybox bug remains)
-Added all parts to the tech tree.
-Added Ordan Industries Telescopes(with permission of hubbazoot and added them to Unmanned Tech.
-Added part Basic Hullcam Deluxe and to Science Tech.
-Added Aerocams to Aerodynamic Systems
-Added Kerbpro to Field Science

V0.2.5 15-Sep-2013
-Made the keys configurable using the same config syntax as the game itself. The included config file is the one I made for dvorak, while the default without any config replicates the original behavior. The config can be dropped anywhere in GameData.
- Added a check that the current camera is flight, using a CameraManager object referenced in e.g. SteamGauges code. This lets it interact nicely with stuff like IVA views.
- Fixed unreliable action of next/prev keys. The problem was using "-=" instead of "&= ~" to remove a bit.
- Try to replace the map view hack with manually saving and restoring a couple more properties. It seems to work, although I can only guess at the full purpose of the map view hack.
- Glitchy switching between multiple cameras with next/prev keys because they all tried to handle the key.
- Crash if exiting to space center while a camera is active.
- Changed "next camera" and "previous camera" keys to - and = (Minus and Equals)
- Changed "exit hullcam view" key to Backspace.
- Added areocam180 part, which has a 180 rotated camera view.
- Tweak the areaocam and areocam180 field of view.

V0.2.1 10-Sep-2013
- Added aerocam, an aerodynamic side mounted camera.

V0.2 23-Aug-2013
- Changed cycle keys to O and P
- Pressing V will exit hullcam view
- Added KerbPro Camera (created by sirkut)

v0.1 16-Aug-2013
- Made Mechjeb hullcam into a single hullcam.dll
- Fixed camera bug when returning to VAB/SPH.

Command Pod MK-1 with hullcam on the bottom looking at dropping heatshield.

Hullcam view of the bottom of a rocket.

Next camera: - (Minus)
Previous camera: = (Equals)
Exits hullcam view: Backspace
You can change these keys by editting \Gamedata\HullcameraVDS\Plugin\settings.cfg

Action groups:
Zoom in
Zoom out
Activate Camera
Deactivate Camera
Next Camera
Previous Camera

Planned features:
Manley mode.
Movable cameras through numpad.
Black and white view.

This plugin works with parts from (make sure you don't use MuMechlib.dll):
Multiversal Mechatronics - Fixed Camera - 1.3
Telescoping Hull Camera
Zeus Space Telescope

r4m0n - For the origional Multiversal Mechatronics - Fixed Camera
sirkut - KerbPro and aerocam models
Rubber Ducky - Camera models.
a.g. - Configurable keys through config files and various code fixes.
hubbazoot - Ordan Industries Telescopes


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