HotRockets! Particle FX Replacement

Last Updated: Jun 27, 2015 Game Version: 1.0.4


May 6, 2014

Owner: Nazari1382

HotRockets Forum Thread

If you are tired of seeing the same old effects, HotRockets is for you!

HotRockets gives each stock engine, and now many mod pack engines new particle effects for exhaust and smoketrails, without editing any other engine properties. Thanks to the included SmokeScreen plugin, the effect configs can have many properties not available to effects in the stock system.

Notice on mod support:

I cannot provide support for every engine mod as they update. However, the current configs for mod engines including updates from KSP forum members can be downloaded by clicking "all files" here on Curseforge.

Supported Engine mods: KW Rocketry, B9 Aerospace, Novapunch, AIES, SXT, KSPX, RLA Stockalike and Ions, Kerbx, Nasa pack, and Procedural Parts SRB

HotRockets Art Assets:

Powered by SmokeScreen + ModuleManager(by Sarbian) License:


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