3,071 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 23, 2015 Game Version: 1.0.3

This mod will blast a quite loud audio warning at you when any part of the current vessel is above 70% of its maximum skin temperature. You also get a visual indication with thermometers hovering over the overheating parts. The map view will pulse red.


A critical warning occurs at 90%. You can cancel the audible alarm with an ApplicationLauncher button.


Source code included in the zip file. To install, copy the HeatWarning directory in the zip, into your KSP installation's GameData directory.


Thanks to: Stupid_chris, Sarbian, NathanKell, Blizzy, Pizzaoverhead, and all the other #kspmodders who've had to listen to my inane questions and frustrated witterings. 


Update: Duplicate button bug whacked. Warning volume now tracks ship volume rather than being set at constant max.

Update: 1.0.3 compatibility. Changed to "Release". Old file kept for users of 1.0.0-1.0.2. 

Update: Sets the stock gauges to off-by-default when enabled. This mod was made for 1.0.0 when the stock system didn't exist. It's now up to date with 1.0.2. Let me know on the forum page if you're running 1.0.0 and the mod has stopped working.

Update: There is now a configuration UI! Have audio-only, temp gauges only, turn the IVA or map view warning on and off, whatever takes your fancy!

Bugfix: The map view warning no longer interferes with manouver node selection. Go ahead and redownload.

Bugfix: IVA view warning now works.

Bugfix: Switching to a vessel that isn't overheating when the current vessel is overheating no longer produces oddness.


Notice: If there are currently no downloads, it's because I've just updated the mod, and it's under review. Check back soon.



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