Grounded - Modular Vehicles

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Uploaded Jun 5, 2019
Game Version 1.7.1
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Added Place-Anywhere Rotating Illuminator (uses a rotor function, speed of rotation can be set through the rotor RPM)

Added G1 Convert-O-Tron 65 System Module (Convert-O-Tron, Radiator, Battery, based on a car's engine setup)

Added G1 Drill O'Matic Junior Mining Excavator Kit (Drill-O'Matic, Ore Storage, Radiator)




Fixed issue where Modular Platform Cap, Modular Platform Cap Half is not switching textures

Fixed issue where G1 Service Command has wrong normals on Black version

Fixed all wheel suspension to now show visually in action, and better spring adjustments

Fixed Chassis Hybrid Cell having animation modules when there are no animations




Lowered Center of Mass for all parts that can be put above platforms to help lower vehicle Center of Mass

Widened the placement of wheel colliders to help avoid roll overs

Reduced TR-1L 22.5" Ruggedized Vehicular Wheel suspension travel distance to help avoid roll overs

Updated for 1.7.x Breaking Ground