GN drive

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GN drive is a powerful energy system within Mobile Suit Gundam 00 designed to give a mobile suit a significant advantage in combat.
This Mod provide 3 system to imitate the function of them.
1, Engine
All 3 varieties could work like an engine, provide acceleration(Based on Max Overload) towards forward direction of control part (regardless of installed position).
2, Advanced speed control
All drives could provide 3 axis velocity control(Based on Max Overload).
3,GN particle generator
GN drive could generate GN particle at no cost.
While GN drive-Tau and GN Condenser need some ElectricCharge to activate the generator.

GN drive
Consider as the most powerful production of Celestial Being.
Even it is asexpensive as a Duna station, it worth a try.

GN drive-Tau
Tau engine can not generate GNparticle itself, it has to convert ElectricCharge to GNparticle, so far, the rate is 1:1 and generate speed is 800 unit/s.
And if Tau engine "GNpartical depleted", it will stay this status until GNparticle refill.

GN Condenser Drive
Condenser drive is a non-perpetual interplanetary drive at early stage . 
It couldn't generate GNpartical and its fuel efficiency is lower than other drives.

GN Condenser Frame
Condenser Frame is the solution for Early stage infinite fuel. It holds a limit amount particle and could generate 180 unit particle at the cost of 200 ElectricCharge

All equipment are more expensive than rocket if only consider their transportation ability, but they could be more efficient if you could recycle them.

Bug reports and suggestions are welcomed.

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