670 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 18, 2014 Game Version: 0.24

NOTE:  Due to lack of 64bit support in the dll used to access the keyboard displays, this mod will only work on Windows 32bit version of KSP.   I'm looking into a way to get it working on 64bit.

This plugin adds useful displays to the built-in screen on Logitech gaming keyboards. It supports both the large color screen on the G19 as well as the smaller mono displays on the g510, g18 etc.


1.2.2: -- 0.24 32bit compatibility and framerate performace fix 
– Fixed bug which caused big hit on KSP performance when NOT in a flight.  Now should have little to no impact on framerate.

1.2.1: -- Enhancements by MattZZ 
– Fixed GHud so it doesn't get re-initialized on every scene change. 
– Increased update framerate 
– Fixed build and test issues 
1.2: Imgur Album:
On the G19 you can independently change the top and bottom displays with the “up/down” display arrow buttons. Use the Menu button to change full screen modes.
– Added Target orbit displays
– Can now independantly select top and bottom displays on the G19 in the 
split screen view. Use up and down display buttons.
– Added Situation field
– Removed atmosphere rendering from monochrom orbit graphs.
– Improved performance
– Removed stray log spam. Fixes incompatibility with Mechjeb2 and possibly other mods (delete GameData/GHud dir prior to installation) Initial release


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