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ForScience! is an autopilot for running, collecting and resetting experiments.
Science can start to be a little grindy or tedious after some time playing KSP. This plugin is intended to help improve the experience in various ways.

What it does:
Automagicly detects and runs experiments that have science available, when they are available. (Even those special biomes around KSC.)
Automagicly collects the data from those experiments into a science container (command pod).
Automagicly resets experiments that are "run once", when you have a scientist onboard. (mystery goo, sci jrs)

What it does not do:
Give you science you could haven't gotten otherwise.
Run experiments that do not implement the stock science modules.
Run "run once" experiments without a scientist on board.

How to Use:
The Green FS toolbar icon means it is running.
The Red FS toolbar icon means it is not running.
No toolbar icon means you have no containers onboard, (And that it is not runnning).



Special Thanks to stupid_chris, DMagic and xEvilReeperx for helping me navigate the many issues I had while developing this plugin.