Fallen Asteroid Project 1.0 For 0.24.2

991 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 21, 2014 Game Version: 0.24.2

A very small mod that allows to to place the asteroid/meteoroid object in the the VAB/SPH and attach things to it.  The sizes are uncontroable when you launch so your ship will probably fall apart most of the time. This is for the people who don't feel like going out and getting a giant space rock, and bringing it back to Kerbin and would rather just have it there and ready in the VAB/SPH to be placed. (Which is fine because that's why I made the mod.) Install the mod like you would with any other mod. The object can be found in the Utility section. The rest of the pictures can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/HaXvm


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