Extra ScienceDefs

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Warning: This project is experimental. Its files will not synchronize across the CurseForge network.

Extra ScienceDefs is a mod which adds upon the existing "ScienceDefs" file. This doesn't affect any gameplay, however, this mod will essentially double the flavor you will get from doing science experiments. Some of these new reactions are funny, some are helpful, and some are just... weird.


This mod also tries to eliminate the default messages that the science experiments give out, like "You observe the goo" or "You've recorded the crew's assessment of the situation". Yuck, those are too bland!


Note: Until I actually get time to work on this, this mod only affects crew reports and EVA reports. Planned for the next update are surface samples and mystery goo observations.


Current progress on mod: https://tinyurl.com/y74bjqg4











Note: This mod is mostly here to provide a platform for the release on CKAN.


Current version: 0.1


Yeah this mod is in alpha but I wanted to get an early release out. 0.2 will be coming in a few days and will contain most of the content for this mod.


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