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DiscordRP introduces Rich Presence integration for KSP.

What is Rich Presence? Rich Presence is a recently introduced Discord feature that allows more information to be displayed about the game currently being played. You can find a more detailed description of it here.


This mod displays various implementation through this depending on the player's current situation.




Orbiting around Minmus with a Semi-Major axis of 398km


Idling in the KSC or Main Menu


Building a craft in the VAB


Shared Information

This mod sends various information about your game state over the internet:

  • Your current game state
  • Idle: Time idled for
  • VAB: Cost and part count of current craft
  • Landed: Latitude and Longitude on your current body
  • Flight: Altitude and Velocity on current body
  • Orbit: Semi-Major axis and Eccentricity around current body

This information is sent for the Discord account you currently are logged into, to Discord's servers. Any other user who is in a server or friends with you can see this state along with your Discord name.



Note: I am not in any way associated with Discord. This is completely unofficial.


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