Defcon's Placeholder Resources

351 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 5, 2015 Game Version: 1.0.2

The name says it all. It contains place holders for resources that you may tweak and put into your mod. The resources are located at "Where ever you put the file\PlaceholderResources\Resources", and contains resources A-H. It's useful for substituting custom fuel while you make it in your "ResourcesGeneric.cfg". The Placeholders DO NOT have a unit price or unit weight, so go ahead and modify it. I think this would be useful for novice mod creators like me, who need placeholders temporarily until they develop the real resources they need. SHOULD work with any version. Let me know if it doesn't. Please note that the reason there is no picture is because its not a PHSYICAL system added into the game, therefore, I had nothing to show of it. If I need to, I will later on post a picture of the .cfg file.


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