Clockwork's Prudent Strategies

315 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 6, 2015 Game Version: 0.90

Private Sponsorship: I know some people don't like making SSTO's and this strategy is for them. It adds a percentage increase in funds to all contracts. Each launch costs rep but the biggest cost is from recovered spaceships. At the maximum level all returned parts are only worth 20% of their initial cost even if landed right on the landing strip. If you launch a mission generating 40,000 funds and only expect to recover 500 funds in parts then the 8,000 bonus funds far outweighs the 400 lost.

Rapid prototyping: This one only comes into use if you have to pay to research parts after the tech tree unlock. For a initial cost and some science this reduces the cost to unlock parts.

Environmental Agreement: Do you think you are a good pilot, well you better be with this one. This strategy adds a percentage to your reputation awarded for missions but the downside is that cost for recovering craft not landed on the landing areas is greatly increased. It's sort of the opposite of recovery transponders.

Safety Guaranty: Build big craft and want more rep (you can always turn it into funds or sci) then this one is for you. It cost a flat fee of funds per craft launched but multiplies your rep earned from missions.

Modifications to the vanilla strategies.

Funds to Rep: was 19.3 (max) now 76.9 (max) Rep to Funds: was 9 (max) now 36 (max) Rep to Sci: was 1.4 (max) now 5.7 (max) Sci to Rep: was 1.4 (max) now 5.6 (max) Funds to Sci: was 28.8 (max) now 691.6 (max) Sci to Funds: was 10 (max) now 240 (max)

Aggressive Negotiations now also has reduced recovered amounts to launch discounts.

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