BOSS - Bolt-On Screenshot System

814 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 2, 2014 Game Version: 0.23.5

Press 'z' to take a screenshot(default) and 'p' to hide the UI. The screenshots are placed in /Gamedata/BOSS/PluginData/BOSS/.

 Note: BOSS hasn't been explicitly updated for 0.23.5, or had a rebuild using the libs from 0.23.5. Thus, there might be a few issues lurking about. However, I have used it extensively in 0.23.5 and have yet to encounter an issue with it from the update.


Using this mod requires a lot of RAM. Thus, burst fire mode is restricted to a supersample value of 1 - a.k.a no supersampling at all.
However, you can still use supersampling without restriction when not using burst fire.

I recommend not going higher than 3 or 4; you may be able to pull off 5, but it may crash/freeze your game for a second. If the game freezes, you are not missing any frames. So just let the game sit while it processes.
I have added a limiter on the screenshot key/button if your super sampling value is set higher than 1, mainly due to the KSP ram limit. This is to prevent multiple screenshots being taken too quickly causing you to go over the KSP ram limit and crash your game. The plugin checks for the image to finish processing.
Then allows you to take more screenshots. You can override this limiter by toggling on the 'override limiter' button on the help window.(WARNING: By doing this. You are pretty much limited to 2 screenshots at a time(because it will crash if you take more). Though, you may still crash your game by doing it, everyone's computer is different, and everyone is using different Add-Ons/Plugins alongside this. In the end, it could work better for some than others. Just know by overriding that limiter, you are subject to crashes.

Burst Fire mode: As explained above this is purely for automatically taking screenshots over a period of time. So no supersampling is allowed while this is toggled on. Thus you cannot
change your supersampling value from one if the burst fire window is open. To use it
1. Toggle burst fire
2. Set interval(this field does allow point values - just make sure if for example you want .3 - You enter 0.3)
3. Set time frame to take screenshots - only whole numbers.
4. Hide UI with 'P' or with toolbar button
4. Press screenshot hotkey.
5. Do something cool to take pictures of!


Plugin Owner - Ted
Contributors - Ted/SyNik4l
Last Update - 1/19/2014
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