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Have you ever thought "ROVEMATE Y U USELESS!?". You have? Good,you came to the right place! I had a thought popup into my head "Rovemates are so useless by themselves. Why not make better ones?". I did just that.

You can now have Liquid fuel and Oxidizer in your rovemates! Want to jump the VAB? Sure!

Want to use a rover for docking? Pfft who doesn't?!

Don't like solar panels? Want kerbals to cook eggs on your rover? Go with ThermoElectric rovers!

v1.5 Has brought you larger Rovermates! Meet Bertha aka Flatter Probodobodyne RoveMate

Default Size SAS Rovemate? Lets roll, litterally

Newer/Better Mates! SAS,ThermoElectric,and Flatter respectively

Wanna drill Kethane and store it in your rover?

KAS Storage in a rover!? Be lazy and carry stuff in your rover!

Always wanted to rove and convert Kethane?
Top: KAS, Middle: Kethane Converter, Bottom: Kethane Storage

TacLifeSupport Rovemates!

More attachment nodes!


In v1.3+ all Better RoveMate bodies have probe control. No need for those pesky probe bodies!
v1.5 Brings Probe control and more electricity to the stock RoveMate!

v1.7.5 brings side nodes for all the rovemates for better attachment!

I did my best to try to balance the mass and the amount of resources in them. If you want me to change something,tell me!

>Forum Thread<

Alternate Download can be seen on the forum thread.

Remove all older Versions of BetterRovemates before installing new versions!


New Body-
MechJeb'd Probodobodyne RoveMate: I'm sorry Jeb, I can't let you do that.
Just a General Mechjeb module

Added side nodes for better attachment:
All rovemates will have this function,the Flatter Rovemate's side nodes a bit messed up,just ignore it. This will be fixed later on.


New Bodies-
TacLifeSupport Probodobodyne Rovemate: Stayin' Alive,Stayin' Alive!
General LifeSupport: 80Food,80Water,8Oxygen

TacLifeSupport Food Probodobodyne Rovemate: "SNAAAAAAAAACKSSSSS" -Jeb
240 Snack Units

TacLifeSupport Water Probodobodyne Rovemate: Drinks are on the house,er ship.
240 Water Units

TacLifSupport Oxygen Probodobodyne Rovemate: Kerb Vader will be proud.
240 Oxygen Units

New Bodies-
Kethane Storage Probodobodyne Rovemate: Drill baby drill! -Works with Kethane Pack 0.8.5
Holds 120 units of Kethane

KAS Storage Probodobodyne Rovemate: Hate carrying all of that luggage? -Works with KAS 0.4.7
Holds 40 units of "stuff".

Kethane Converter Probodobodyne Rovemate: Convert while you Rove! -This more of a Beta product,it could have problems with it,just so you know. Works with Kethane Pack 0.8.5
Converts as the same rate as the 1m KE-C090 Medium Converter Unit

Update ModuleManager to 2.0.8 and is now included with the download

New Bodies-
SAS Probodobodyne RoveMate: SAS in your rovemate? sure!
Flatter Probodobodyne RoveMate: Flat(er) mate for your liking

The Stock rovemate has a built in probe core and has 150 Electric Charge(Remove the BetterRoveMates.cfg if you don't want this)

Nuclear Probodobodyne RoveMate is now known as ThermoElectric Probodobodyne RoveMate
Updated Textures
Note: This change may/may not break your .crafts!

New Body- Nuclear Probodobodyne RoveMate
-Holds 150 Electric Charge and Generates Electricity @3.5 Per second
All bodies now have command control to them, No need for probe bodies!

First Release


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