Better Science Labs Continued

2,090 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 15, 2016 Game Version: 1.0.5

I've forked an old project called Better Science labs.

It is now 1.0.5 compatible, and I'm adding extra labs which don't exist.

Currently it has the following new labs:
Crew Cabin Science MPL-CC-2, same size as the hitchkiker
MK 2 Crewed Lab MPL-MK2-2, same length as the Large Crewed Lab, but in a Mk 2 shape
Mobile Processing Lab MPL-mk2-LC-2, same size as the Mk 2 Lander Can
Mobile Processing Lab MPL-Mk1-2-2, same size and shape as the Mk 1-2 command pod
S.N.A.C.K Retrieval Probe SRP-01

For the Firespitter mod:
Mobile Processing Lab MLS-FS-2, same size as the Firespitter crew fuselage

For the HGR mod:
Mobile Processing Lab MPL-ON-2, same size as the Onion Command pod

For the OPT mod:
J Mobile Lab LP3, short version, 1/2 the length of the supplied lab LP3


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