Better Science Labs [.25]

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Tired of designing that beautiful and functional spaceplane only to find that adding a science lab turns it into a beached Whale?

Better Science Labs is here to help! BSL features up to six new fully integrated labs balanced against the stock Science Lab with tech tree placement and build costs. All Labs include functioning IVA's and together offer far greater design flexibility than the stock lab could ever hope for. 

Whether your mission is a simple Munar Landing or a Grand Tour of the Kerbol system Better Science Labs will help you make it a success - For Science!



    • mk2 Spaceplane Fuselage, mk1-2, 2m, and 2m short Lab configurations included in base download, with 2 additional lab configurations that require HGR and Firespitter mods installed to function.
    • S.N.A.C.K. science experiment available in all labs. This is a very "Kerbalised" version of the NASA "Microgravity effects on human physiology" experiments. S.N.A.C.K. offers over 2 dozen new and unique science results, but you have to return to Kerbin to collect the science.
    • S.N.A.C.K. retrieval probe core. This allows the return of "results" to Kerbin if you are leaving your science research vessel in space. It is also capable of snack resupply missions if you have KAS installed.

Screenshots and Lab Features:



2m, 2m short, mk1-2, and mk2 Labs only require the base game and BSL to function.

1m Fuselage Lab requires the Firespitter mod (not just the plugin) to function. Found here:

1m "Onion" Lab requires the Home Grown Rocket parts (HGR) mod to function. Found here:



Installs just like any other mod, copy the BSL mod folder to your gamedata directory; however, if you don't have one of the mods required for the specialized labs, I recommend deleting the associated subfolder in the BSL mod directory for cleanliness. SP+ reliant parts have been deprecated, if you have vessels in flight that use that model, please copy the SPP folder from the parts.old folder to the main BSL folder.

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Bug Reports/questions/comments/concerns all addressed in the Forum.

Changelog: available on project site.

    • Fixed Snack Retrieval Probe for KSP.25


    • New mk2 Fuselage Science Lab (working Lights and IVA, matches the new KSP.25 mk2 part profile)
    • updated modulemanager to v.25.1
    • Deprecated b9 mk2 Fuselage due to incompatibility with KSP.25 (still available in parts.old folder)
    • Due to new version of mk2 parts and new KSP.25 part directory structure, this version is incompatible with KSP.24.2, and will break ships from BSL.
    • For the same reasons, BSL. is incompatible with KSP.25.

    • corrected directory structure problem introduced in 24.2.3 (Sorry about that - if you downloaded 24.2.3, you can just create a folder inside Gamedata called [Better Science Labs] and copy the parts, spaces and resources folders into it, you don't have to download it again)


    • updates to mk2 Fuselage Lab, now has cabin lights and flag
    • added S.N.A.C.K. science experiment to all Labs
    • added S.N.A.C.K. retrieval probe core

    • License clarifications



    • initial release


All configs and documentation licensed MIT: by Cychotha

B9 Aerospace models and textures licensed Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) by bac9 Available at


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