B9 Aerospce Price Fix

2,300 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 22, 2014 Game Version: 0.24

this little mod reprices the B9 components and a fixes a few other minour errors I found while going through all the parts...

- price fixes
the value of B9 components no longer made sense.  Every component has been repriced by comparing it to the price of it's nearest vanilla equivilent.  so if something seems expensive.  take a good look at what it can do before you complain. (it took me 2 days to go through it all after all)

- D25 dockpit fix (tech tree)
this cockpit did not show up on the tech tree due to an erroneous data entry.  I'm amazed no ones fixed this already.

- note block moved (tech tree)
even the most basic of space agencies give there pilots notes on the ship there about to fly, and when your starting out is when you need to take notes the most. so I moved it from the end of the tech tree to the beginning.

-catagory fix
some components seemed to me to be in entirely the wrong catagory.  this optional fix moves them to more sensible catagories where they will be easier to notice for there intended purpose.  for eg.  the ladders are now with the other vanilla ladders.

*note you will still need to download the 0.24+ firespitter plugin and ModuleManager.dll if you have not already


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