[1.1.3] Astronomer's Visual Pack - BEYOND KERBAL

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Main File

Filename Astronomer's Visual Pack - Interstellar V2.zip
Uploaded by _ForgeUser6842519
Uploaded Dec 11, 2014
Game Version 0.25
Size 379.96 MB
Downloads 422,977
MD5 cdcabeda63910ce2bad63bdf9974d0bc


The pack now contains low, mid, and high resolution textures to choose from. People who experienced crashes should no longer. Now everyone should be able to run it (and with some mods too)! 

Updated Features:

  • Updated the Lens Flare to the one you see in my screenshots.
  • Added two optional Holiday Season City Lights.
  • Eve has denser cloud cover on lower three layers.
  • Jool's cloud layers have been slowed down to realistic velocities.
  • Improved lightning hue (made it brighter and less blue). Added lightning to Eve.
  • Copied my breathing sound to core mod.


  • Reformatted all B/W textures from RGB to Greyscale (but some already were).
  • Fixed TextureReplacer link and added a link to the Forum Thread.
  • Improved/added some instructions.
  • Removed the Sony Vegas file that was created when I edited the breathing sound.
  • Some of the installation process has been altered.

Removed Features:

  • Removed skyboxes I made. There is now a link to download them separately.
  • Removed Main Menu Logo (89MB). It's still available in the original release.

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