AOS - Drunk and Stupid Wings

488 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 2, 2014 Game Version: 0.23.5

Want to prank a friend? How about a whoopie cussion? Nah, to old. How about sabotaging his spaceplanes? Thats better!

This mod overwrites the old wings in ksp and either inverts the lift, or removes it altogether! This pack does it all! 


-Unzip with winrar
-Pick either overwrite or add parts, pick overwrite for pranks (original files are included)
-Pick either Drunk (inverted lift) or Stupid wings (removes lift). If you add parts, you can pick both.
-Copy either the Squad folder or the AOS folder, depends on if you picked overwrite or add parts

DISCLAIMER: I cannot be hold responsible for any fysical, virtual or property damage caused by this mod, directly or indirectly. Also, Squad made the original parts (C7, Nova and RomfareR). If this mod infringes any copyright, inform me and remove it.


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