[AnyOS] KSP Mod Admin v2

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KSP Mod Admin aOS

KMA² is a mod managing tool for KSP on any OS.
It provides simple and fast mod managing and keeps your mod collection up to date.
(adding, deleting, install, partial install and update)


OK, no rocket science but it speed up the installation, updating or removal of mods and so you will have more time to do rocket science :D.
It also let you chose what parts of the mod should be installed.

Due to CurseForge policies its not allowed to publish exe files!
Support me with a download once from CurseForge and get the full download from below.

Forum threads:
KSP Forum
German Forum

Full download:
KSP Mod Admin v2 (win)
KSP Mod Admin v2 (linux&mac)

- KSP Version independent!
- Localized: English, German, Russian, Italian, more are coming ... (contact me if you want to help)
- Multi OS support: Win, Linux and Mac (via Mono-Project (see http://www.mono-project.com/))
- Supports multiple installations of KSP. Change between different KSP installations with one click.
- Support of ZIP-, RAR- and 7ZIP- mod archives.
- Add mods or crafts with drag & drop, file selection or URL (Support of KSP Forum, Curse, CurseForge, SpaceDock, GitHub and BitBucket urls).
- AVC Plugin version file detection.
- Auto detects install folder for the mod (if possible the mod will be installed to the GameData folder).
- Easy install destination control (for those cases the destination can't be auto detected).
- Choose what to include, just by hook or unhook parts of a mod.
- GameData scan for installed mods (they will be added to the mod selection if they aren't listed already).
- Read text files of a mod by double click the files.
- Update support:
- for KSP Mod Admin.
- for Mods (includes auto check for updates and auto install/update of outdated mods).
- Conflict detection and easy conflict solving for files that are referenced by more than one mod.
- Easy to use backup system.To backup your KSP saves or part customizations.
- Part and craft management.
- Flag management and import.
- Plugin support for "3rd party" extensions (See KSPModAdmin.Translation.Plugin as a sample).
- Project code included or on GitHub (VS2013 Solution - Language: C#).

- Windows:
.Net 4.5 (Web installer included in download or see here)
- Linux & Mac:
Mono - Linux install instructions
            - OSx install instructions

- Install the .Net4.5 framework from Microsoft (Win7 or lower).
- Just extract/copy the KSP Mod Admin folder from the zip to any location you want.
- Start KSP Mod Admin ...
- Install the Mono framework.
- Just extract/copy the KSP Mod Admin folder from the zip to any location you want.
- Start KSP Mod Admin via mono ...
- Install the Mono framework. (by type "sudo apt-get install mono-complete" in your terminal)
- Install Mozilla certificates. (by type "mozroots --sync --import" in your terminal)
- Just extract/copy the KSP Mod Admin folder from the zip to any location you want.
- Start KSP Mod Admin via mono ...

Known issues:
GitHub - Known issues

How to guid:
GitHub - Wiki

Issue tracker:
GitHub - Issue tracker

Special thanks to:
4o66, timmers_uk, Gribbleshnibit8, HubertNNN, diomedea, SVlad, TheAlmightyOS, cy-one, Stone Blue, Benzschwagel, TheCardinal, MrHanMan, Meatplow, MorisatoK, Reisu79, Jivaii, hiegova, craigmt1, LeadMagnet, Bergion, shadow651, Horman, cpottinger, Roger25000, zapman987, Pondafarr, ... any many more!



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