Expanded Area VFX

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What's new:

*Insomnia bridge lights added.

*Dust effect edited to appear more natural.

*Thundercloud edited to be more noticeable.

*Now fully compatible with Lucis Night View mod.


Expanded Area VFX reworks a total of 10 environment effects to spice up the world of FFXV, increasing the amount and variety of VFX you see on-screen.

New effects were specially selected to match the areas they're in (2 restored from the files and 3 borrowed from the DLCs), while existing ones were edited to appear more often. Below you can check the full list of additions:

New VFX included:

  • Heat haze added to Lestallum (Restored).
  • Lightning flashes added to World of Ruin / Insomnia (DLC). *Episode Ardyn required to work.
  • Dust effect added to certain spots in Leide (Restored).
  • Fireworks above the colosseum added in Altissia (DLC).
  • Sylleblossom petals added in a certain area of Tenebrae (DLC).

Altered VFX:

  • Insomnia bridge lights from Chapter 1 now displayed by default.
  • Fireflies enchant more areas in Duscae and Cleigne at night.
  • Rock of Ravatogh's ashes now covers a wider range of terrain.
  • Morning fog enveloping Cleigne's mountains intensified.
  • Increased rate and radius of tree leaves falling in some regions.
  • Increased rate of droplets of water and sandfall in certain dungeons.
  • Other minor adjustments.



A special thanks to Kizari for being incredibly supportive and sharing the festival files.

Apply the mod with Flagrum (Version 1.4.12+ required) and learn more about FFXV's modding on the Discord channel.