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Wall'n'Floor Decor

If you got any feedback or any suggestions, join discord:

This mod is made for ASA, and are crossplayable

The mod contains:

  • Dino statues in bone / obsidian
  • Dermis/dino statues in different sizes
  • Wall trophy mounts
  • Decorative dino heads to mount on them.
  • Beds
  • Artifacts pedestals
  • Primitive Storages
  • Furnitures in various styles
  • Wall/Floor torches
  • Floor Braziers
  • Chibi display cases
  • 100+ dino statues on pedestals with different materials
  • Chandeliers
  • Rugs
  • Flowers
  • Kitchen and bathroom stuff

More will be added.

I would love to say thanks @godofnoise for being so understanding and patient about helping me :P