Visual Storage (Cross Platform)

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Visual Storage is the complete remake of the ASE RP Visual Storage Mod.

This mod adds resource specific storage that dynamically change in appearance based on the quantity of stored resources.

This not only adds a layer of realism to your resource management but it also serves as a practical tool for players to quickly assess their resource status at a glance. Watch as your stockpiles grow or manually set the visuals yourself.

Smart automatic withdraw and depositing system means a simple press and you can withdraw or deposit your items. Tweak the settings to your liking so you can get exactly the amount of resources out in a single button press. Don't like to be encumbered when withdrawing? There is a setting for that too that limits the amount to what you can physically hold without being over encumbered.

Current Version: 1.67

  • 10 types of containers
  • 2 types of shelves
  • 48 resource variants
  • Dino unload crane
  • Dropbox for quick depositing of resources


Distribution System

  • Quickly distribute resources to chosen containers in your base.
  • Setup links between resources and containers to streamline your storage management
  • Links created will sync between all Crane and dropboxes in a set range (customizable in admin menu)
  • Can be disabled in admin menu

Crane for quickly unloading your dino's

  • Unloads your dino's with just the click of a button
  • Adjustable unload area
  • Can unload multiple at the same time
  • Functions the same as a dropbox to allow for quick distribution of resources to selected containers

Wireless Crafting Source

  • Customizable wireless range (10-100 foundations) in the admin menu
  • Can store multiple types of resources in a single container (wood, fungal wood, and corrupted wood for example)
  • Dynamically selects the resource with the most for crafts when used as a wireless source
  • Ability to select the resource to withdraw/consume if storing more than 1 type of resource
  • Updated HUD that shows the inventory levels at a glance

Customizable visuals

  • Dynamic visuals the update the shown amount of resources as quantities are added/removed
  • Displayed quantity fill levels can be automatic or manually set
  • Admins have options to disable manual visuals, weather effects, and color selection options

Weather and color selection options

  • Automatic snow visuals (lets the game control if snow is shown) or manual snow visuals
  • Snow effects can be disabled or manual snow levels set per container
  • Custom style selection for compatible containers (Stone and crystal)
  • Custom color selection menu to tweak displayed resource colors
  • Can set inventory capacity per structure type in the admin menu

Custom withdraw settings and User Interface

  • Wireless containers now use a custom inventory UI to display stored contents
  • Quick withdraw by using hotkeys (T for PC, Square for PS5, and X for Xbox)
  • Can set 3 per container withdraw amounts and default option
  • Weight withdraw settings to only take the max that you can carry or allow for max withdraw based on slot cap
  • Smart automatic withdraw system to grab what you want with just a single click
  • Set deposit threshold to tweak when the automatic system switches between withdrawing and depositing

Extensive settings and Admin menu

  • All settings are done in a simple to use menu in game
  • Admin UI to allow changes to global settings that take effect immediately to all visual storage structures
  • Per container max inventory settings
  • Lots of options to tweak each container


  • Works with stack mods
  • Works with custom resources that are set as childs of base ark resources
  • DLC resources will be supported the day of release
  • Containers support paintbrush coloring

Development Roadmap:

Version 1.7:

  • Walk in fridge for storing all consumables and spoilables visually.

Future versions:

  • Weapon, armor, and tool rack
  • lots More, see the discord for more info