Upgrade Station

Current Version: v0.1m

This mod allows players to upgrade the quality of weapons, armor, and saddles from primitive all the way to ascendant. Players can also salvage weapons, armor, saddles, and structures for resources. This mod doesn't change any core files and is stackable with other mods.

It works with Tek items and even with items from other mods!

This mod is very much a work in progress. Please be patient while we port everything over from ASE.

Update 11/13/23: Please view the Wiki for more information. https://linode.ghazlawl.com/upgrade-station-asa/


Weapons, armor, tools, and saddles from other mods can be upgraded and/or salvaged as long as the mod author has used the appropriate item as a starting point for their items (Hatchet for "Super Hatchet", Boots for "Tek Boots", etc).

While we can try our best to ensure items from other mods can be upgraded and salvaged we can’t control what other mod authors do in their mods.

The Upgrade Station can upgrade all items from any mod as long as the item has an upgrade path. Items that don’t have an upgrade path (C4, Tripwire, Wooden Spear, etc) can’t be upgraded because they don’t have a quality index.

Known Issues

  • INI settings will be posted from ASE as functionality is ported from the ASE version.
  • Randomized mechanics (increased salvage, expert upgrades, fortunes, etc) will be ported from the ASE version as soon as possible.
  • Additional functionality originally planned for v2 is slowly being integrated.
  • Non-dedicated server host can't upgrade, salvage, augment, or blueprint but other players can. This is an ASA bug that we're still looking into.

Please see our wiki page for additional information.

What's planned for the mod?

This isn't an official list, but...

  • Resource pulling from nearby containers.
  • Metal versions of all stations, with metal-specific improvements.
  • Tek versions of all stations, with Tek-specific improvements.
  • Standalone versions of all stations. (Snapping to upgrade station not required.)
  • Configurable tokens required to upgrade, salvage, blueprint, and augment. (Will be configurable with INI.)
  • A new station for analyzing upgraded items.
  • A new station for upgrading dinos.

Spawn Commands

For the full list of spawn commands, please view the Wiki: https://linode.ghazlawl.com/upgrade-station-asa/admin-commands/

INI Settings

For the full list of INI settings, please view the Wiki: https://linode.ghazlawl.com/upgrade-station-asa/ini-settings/

Latest Updates

For the full list of changes, please view the Wiki: https://linode.ghazlawl.com/upgrade-station-asa/change-log/

Here are the latest updates:


  • Added standalone Salvage Station.
  • Increased size of Augment Station and Upgrade Analyzer meshes.
  • Potential fix for non-dedicated host players not being able to salvage items.
  • Fixed not being able to upgrade Tek armor and Tek rifle. Note: Tek armor provided by the base game doesn’t use item quality.
  • Fixed not being able to create blueprints of Tek armor.
  • Fixed efficiency stat not being increased on fishing poles.
  • Disabled upgrading of fishing net because it doesn’t use item quality.


  • Increased StatIncreaseMin (Augment Station) to 1,000, up from 500.
  • Increased StatIncreaseMax (Augment Station) to 2,000, up from 1,000.
  • Increased QualityIncreaseChance (Upgrade Station) to 80%, up from 50%.
  • Increased StatIncreaseMin (Upgrade Station) to 2,000, up from 1,000.
  • Changed "Hyperthermic Insulation" text to "Heat Resist".
  • Changed "Hypothermic Insulation" text to "Cold Resist".


  • Added Augment Station and related INI settings.
  • Added craftable augment items.
  • Removed color indexes for all structures (for now).


  • Fixed durability bug.
  • Fixed item quality skip bug.
  • Added INI settings for DisallowedClassNames when upgrading, salvaging, and blueprinting items.
  • Added color indexes for Upgrade Station, Upgrade Analyzer, and Blueprint Station.Painting is currently broken in the dev kit so this may not work.
  • Added snap points for Upgrade Station, Upgrade Analyzer, and Blueprint Station.
  • Added use icons for Upgrade Station, Upgrade Analyzer, and Blueprint Station.
  • Updated destruction settings for Upgrade Station, Upgrade Analyzer, and Blueprint Station.