Tek Creatures (Crossplay Version)

Status: Next build - 80% Complete(Under Review, Ui not finished BUT Stable for Admin use) New UI WIP
Dont expect updates in a timely manner going forward for crossplay, the current state of cooking for crossplay is a nightmare to deal with and cant be done as it was for ASE, I could local cook a mod in tops 30 minutes for then and upload quick fixes and such vs now with the "Cloud" cooking we have been forced into taking as long as 10-13 hours to cook for crossplay just to fail at the end and have to restart the whole process then have to wait 2-3 days for CF to approve or deny it. Dont get me wrong I still am attempting the updates, still want to get some fixes out to you all when I can finally get things through.

Re-adds the Tek Variant Dinos at a 5% chance to spawn instead of the normal variants.

Spawn settings can be changed via Radial menu holding "R"

Blueprints and Other Info

Things currently being working on: HERE

Issues? Suggestions? Go to here: Issues And Suggestions
PLEASE USE ISSUE TAB EASIER TO KEEP TRACK OF THINGS GOING WRONG WIP Custom Harvesting in the works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbHvO-D88Vg

Known Issues:

Grinding Tek Dinos in a grinder is broken due to harvest system iteration. Texture issues