Super Structures Ascended

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Please note, this mod does not yet have everything it had previously in the ASE version of the mod. Please see our roadmap for upcoming releases of structures.

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Current Features

Integrated Resource Pulling

Resource pulling directly integrated into the ARK inventory UI so its available in everything! All dinos, structures & yourself. Pull specific resources, pull enough to craft a certain number of the selected blueprint or enough to repair the selected item. NEW - You can now also pull ammo when you select an item that uses ammo.

Integrated Utility Tools

Several useful tools are now available at all times. Just hold "N" (or double tap and hold left bumber for console) to equip! You can remotely: pickup or demo structures, open and close vacuum compartment doors, turn things on and off, repair structures, transfer items between inventories, auto clean up your own inventory and issue dino orders (and more!)

The Personal Teleporter is crafted in the replicator and is equipped like normal tools.

Server owners have several INI options available to disable some or all tools and players can update the key binding on PC. (checkout the wiki for more info)

Planned Features

If you are unfamiliar with Super Structures, please see this wiki link here for the ASE version of the mod which should give you a good idea of what will eventually be in the mod.

  • Release 1 - Pull System (Released)
  • Release 2 - Utility Tools (Released)
  • Release 3 - QoL Structures (In Development)
  • Release 4 - QoL Structures
  • Release 5 - Core Building Structures

Structures or Tools that don't exist in SSA but did in Ark: Survival Evolved's S+ mod will be evaluated after this release schedule is completed for possible inclusion.