Sleepable Beds

Comfy places to sleep till the sun comes out. I was dreaming of this since my first dark night on the Island, or better, I would have dreamed if I could have been sleeping. Now we can. For everyone how wants to pass the time till it is bright again without Gamma it up.

🎉Now Crossplay compatible🎊

This mod adds the sleep able

*Sleeping bags


*Bunk beds

*Tek sleeping pod

*Comfy Pillow

Probably most understand if I say they work like Minecraft beds. In more detail, in the evening after a specified time (default 9 pm) you can activate the ring menu of the comfy beds and select the "SLEEP" option. You close the eyes and after a few seconds it is the next morning (default 5 am)

This works also on servers, if the first player goes to sleep a server popup shows how many players are in Bed. If enough (everyone by default) is in bed it will skip time. Sleeping players can get up again by pressing E.

The Comfy Pillow is added as an RP option, you can place it next to any sleeping area and use it to activate the sleep option.

GFI Commands:

*Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_SleepablePillow 1 1 0

*Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_SleepableSleepingbag 1 1 0

*Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_SleepableBed 1 1 0

*Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_SleepableModernBed 1 1 0

*Cheat GFI PrimalItemStructure_Sleepable_Bed_Tek 1 1 0

GameUserSettings.ini options:


EarliestHourSleepingAllowed=21 // When in the evening should the sleep option be unlocked

WakeUpTime=5 // What time in the morning you want to wake up

AllowSleepingbag=True // Disables the sleep option on sleeping bags if don't want to be able to skip time when traveling.

ShowServerMessage=True // Shows a server message while not enough people are in bed.

PercentOfPlayersHaveToBeInBed=100 // How many of the online players have to be in bed to skip time.

BedCooldownTimeInSeconds=300.000000 // How long is a bed locked after a spawn

BunkBedCooldownTimeInSeconds=120.000000 // How long is a bunk bed locked after a spawn

TekBedCooldownTimeInSeconds=120.000000 // How long is a Tek bed locked after a spawn