Runic Wyverns

Due to popular demand (and my need for more real time feedback) I have created a discord! https://discord.gg/XhdMw5NDhC


Runic Wyverns are enigmatic creatures, boosted by long lost survivor tek that resembles magic! Painted circuitry-like designs containing element boosted nanobots make these Wyvern not only vibrant, but stronger & more maneuverable than the ones typically found on Arks! Featuring a higher damage resistance, better melee damage, augmented special attacks & greater maneuverability among other things, these Wyvern are an excellent tame for survivors looking for a robust battle mount able to travel longer distances quickly!


  • Wyvern Diving- By flying up & then pitching down, survivors are able to enter a dive on their Wyvern, which greatly increases their velocity, allowing large distances to be covered in a short amount of time!
  • Wyvern Barrel Roll- By pressing c while flying or in a dive, survivors will be able to perform a barrel roll attack, leaving enemies hit with a debuff, depending on your Wyvern type! Flame Wyverns will leave a target on fire, Venom Wyverns will apply torpor at an increased rate, Spark Wyverns will apply a 4sec stun, & Glacial Wyverns will apply a slow effect!
  • Better Maneuverability- Wyverns are lithe, streamlined creatures & as such, these Wyvern have a tighter turning radius, allowing for better mobility both in the air, in a dive, & on land, including mid-air backup.
  • Vibrant Colors- Dangerous plants & animals are often bright colors to ward off predators or intimidate prey; it's no different with these tyrants of the sky! If you see one of these, be prepared to fight or run! These colorsets were hand designed to make beautiful looking wyverns!
  • Particle VFX- All Runic Wyverns have a small amount of shiny particle effects they give off to give them that extra 'Special' feel! (In the future, they will have species specific skins that will add more particle FX for those who want them!)
  • Knock Out Tames- Find a Wyvern in colors you like? These guys are knock out tames so you can claim your favorite one! (Use Kibble, Raw Prime Meat, or Wyvern Milk for best taming results!)
  • Increased Resilience & Damage- These Wyvern have increased resistance to damage & higher base melee attack, which only increases with careful & nurtured breeding. Imprint buff gives an extra boost to damage resistance & melee attack stat.
  • Enhanced Special Damage- Boosted by RuneTek™️, these Wyverns attacks have been augmented to do more damage once tamed, scale with melee, & have additional effects such as torpor on the Venom Wyverns' attacks, armor melting flames for the Flame Wyvern, a stun effect on the Spark Wyverns' lightning & a stamina drain & movement speed debuff for the Glacial Wyvern!
  • Augmented Bite- Runic Wyverns' bites will have different effects depending on the type of Wyvern!
    • Runic Flame Wyvern has a gash (Allosaurus) on bite
    • Runic Venom Wyvern has a better torpor (Manticore torpor) bite
    • Runic Spark Wyvern has a health regen when eating corpses (Argy) on bite
    • Runic Glacial Wyvern has a stamina drain (Bees, Ants) on bite
  • Armor Chip- Small, basic circuitry that can be implanted under your Wyverns' scales & integrates with their RuneTek™️ to add a bit of armor. Can be augmented & upgraded to different quality & armor value, just like saddles.
  • Loot- Runic Wyverns drop their equivalent Apex loot drops (Wyvern Talons) & also resources useful to any survivor! On harvest, Flame Wyverns will drop Sulfur, Venom Wyvern drop Rare Flowers, Glacial Wyverns drop Crystal & Spark Wyverns drop Absorbent Substrate!
  • Costumes!- Runic Wyverns have some really neat costumes that will change their appearance slightly to be a bit more flashy! Use the Runic Wyvern Shrine for all your costume needs! Costumes are paintable too!
  • Passenger Seat- Once tamed, you'll be able to have a friend along for a ride!
  • Levels- Since Runic Wyverns are knock out tames, they can spawn AT your max dino level for your difficulty setting- NOT ABOVE, like Vanilla Wyverns. Their level brackets are setup to favor the mid to higher end of your max level settings.


If you find that they are spawning too much, or you would like to disable them from spawning naturally, please see this page: https://legacy.curseforge.com/ark-survival-ascended/mods/runic-wyverns/pages/adjusting-spawn-rates

Please also feel free to try this mod (Many of my users said it helped to limit spawns to a certain number!): https://www.curseforge.com/ark-survival-ascended/mods/spawn-blocker

Thank you:

MASSIVE thank you to everyone on the Ark Modding Discord for help, but ESPECIALLY: Joehelp, Evolanca, Gaiadanny, & Quellcrest for being patient with me, helping me learn how to do things, & pointing me in the right direction when I had issues troubleshooting. Without Joehelp specifically, this mod would not be in a releasable state, so an impossibly huge thank you needs to go out to him for fixing the groundconform animations that haunted my nightmares. Also, a huge, more recent shoutout to Jams, who figured out how to override the C++ taming text & was kind enough to share it with me!

Follow Up:

This is my first time making any mod where major game mechanics have been altered & my first time working with Unreal Engine. If you find bugs, please feel free to report them, but bear in mind that the more info you give me, the easier it will be for me to pin point what needs to be fixed! That said, I still may need to get help from the Ark modding discord on certain things, so it may take me a while to fix something, please be patient & check the Trello for updates on what I'm currently doing!

If you have a beautiful screenshot of the Runic Wyverns you want to share/want me to add to the images section, please feel free to DM me here! I'd LOVE to see them & possibly add them to the gallery (with permission & credit)!

Currently Known Issues:

[Please see my discord, CF doesn't save my description correctly half the time to be a reliable source for me to update constantly]

Currently Planned Features:

  • Any bug fixes necessary
  • Azure Wyvern [WIP now!]- A rock drake based Wyvern that is a swimming dino that glides instead of flying when outside water
  • Ghost Wyvern- A spooky utility style Wyvern! (Tamable mini-boss)
  • Runic versions of Crystal Wyverns

You can check this out to keep up with what I'm working on currently! I also post updates fairly regularly on my bsky! https://trello.com/b/QZWeMp9c/runic-wyvern-wip // https://bsky.app/profile/wolfofthenyght.bsky.social

Possible Future Features: (If I can learn how to do them)

  • Runic Wyvern Saddle- A saddle that will add a slot for both Rider & Passenger while also providing more armor than the currently implemented armor chip.

Spawn Locations:

Runic Flame Wyvern spawn:

  • The Island/The Center: DinoSpawnEntriesMountains
  • Scorched Earth: SE_DinoSpawnEntriesDunes

Runic Spark Wyvern spawn:

  • The Island/The Center: DinoSpawnEntriesGrassland
  • Scorched Earth: SE_DinoSpawnEntriesBadlands

Runic Venom Wyvern spawn:

  • The Island/The Center: DinoSpawnEntriesJungle
  • Scorched Earth: SE_DinoSpawnEntriesGreenDesert

Runic Glacial Wyverns spawn:

  • The Island/The Center: DinoSpawnEntriesSnow
  • Scorched Earth: SE_DinoSpawnEntriesOasis

Spawn Codes:


  • cheat summon Runic_Wyvern_Character_BP_Venom-V2_C
  • cheat summon Runic_Wyvern_Character_BP_Flame-V2_C
  • cheat summon Runic_Wyvern_Character_BP_Spark-V2_C
  • cheat summon Runic_Wyvern_Character_BP_Glacial-V2_C


  • cheat gmsummon Runic_Wyvern_Character_BP_Venom-V2_C 150
  • cheat gmsummon Runic_Wyvern_Character_BP_Flame-V2_C 150
  • cheat gmsummon Runic_Wyvern_Character_BP_Spark-V2_C 150
  • cheat gmsummon Runic_Wyvern_Character_BP_Glacial-V2_C 150

Item Spawn Codes

  • cheat giveitem "/RunicWyverns/Saddle/PrimalItemArmor_RWArmorChip.PrimalItemArmor_RWArmorChip" 1 0 0 false
  • cheat giveitem "/RunicWyverns/Structures/RW_PrimalItemStructure_Shrine.RW_PrimalItemStructure_Shrine" 1 0 0 false
  • cheat giveitem "/RunicWyverns/Items/RW_PrimalItemResource_ApexDrop_GlacialWyvern.RW_PrimalItemResource_ApexDrop_GlacialWyvern" 1 0 0 false
  • cheat giveitem "/RunicWyverns/Items/WyvernCostumes/Costume_Ice/PrimalItemCostume_RW_Glacial-Ice.PrimalItemCostume_RW_Glacial-Ice" 1 0 0 false
  • cheat giveitem "/RunicWyverns/Items/WyvernCostumes/Costume_Sakura/PrimalItemCostume_RW_Venom-Sakura.PrimalItemCostume_RW_Venom-Sakura" 1 0 0 false
  • cheat giveitem "/RunicWyverns/Items/WyvernCostumes/Costume_Moon/PrimalItemCostume_RW_Spark-Moon.PrimalItemCostume_RW_Spark-Moon" 1 0 0 false
  • cheat giveitem "/RunicWyverns/Items/WyvernCostumes/Costume_Lava/PrimalItemCostume_RW_Flame-Lava_v2.PrimalItemCostume_RW_Flame-Lava_v2" 1 0 0 false

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