Whit thios mod you can craft different Boxes!


Boxes Infos

  • All Boxes can Snap to each other
  • All have the Disable Snaps with "G" Option
  • Boxes have Radial Change Wood Options
  • Boxes with Wood are Paintable
  • The Box Text (Collect Box) can Show/Hide in Radial Menu
  • Fuel you need to run the Different Boxes always stays in the Box Discription (No Fuel need no Discription)
  • All Boxes have Engrams (You can Hide them via Ini Settings)
  • Your able the set a lot of Ini Settings for the different Boxes!

Boxes Smithy

  • All Boxes can only be crafted in the Boxes Smithy (except GCM mode)


  • BabyFeedingBox [Feeds and Imprint Growing Dinos]
  • CollectBox [Collect and Distribut a lot of Different Resources]
  • ConditionerBox [Like a AirConditioner with Range Option and more powerful)
  • CryoFridgeBox [Stores Cyropods]
  • DinoBox [Change your Dino...Color, Gender, GrowUp, DontGrowUp, Remate and some more]
  • DinoFarmBox [Set a Farm Dino (Anky, Doedi,Therri,Achatina,Dunkle or Mantis) and Farm with them. The Box Pick up all Inventory from your Dino.]
  • EggBox [Pickup and Incubate Fert Eggs]
  • FarmBox [Pick up Inventory from all Dinos]
  • GachBox [Feed your Gacha with Y-Traps from CropPlots, Stone and OwlPallets. PickUp Gacha Crystals. Gachas always Happy]
  • GambleBox [Gamble a lot of different Things]
  • GardenBox [Collect Fertilizer from Dungbeetles. Distribut Fertilzer to CropPlots. Collect Seeds and Fruits from CropPlots]
  • GeneratorBox [Generate Tek Power with Gasoline for your Structures]
  • GrinderBox [Pick up StructureItems from the GachaBox. Grinds Items automaticly (set on/off)]
  • HealingBox [Heals Dinos in Range fast to 100% Health]
  • ItemGeneratorBox [Generates Items over time. Set your Item via Radial Menu]
  • SheepWoolBox [Shears your Nerby Sheeps]
  • StorageBoxStation [Distribut Ressource to RR-Dedicated Storage Boxes. Collect from Different Types]
  • StryderBox [Can be placed on Stryder Platforms. PickUp Stryder Inventory. Send Inventory Map-Wide to RR-Dedicated Storage Boxes]
  • TekForcefieldBox [protected your Base]
  • VivariumBox [Store Dinos in CryoPods or Souls to produce resource over time - Need the Collect Box to collect the resources]
  • ChemieBox [Like the Industrial ChemieBench]
  • CookingBox [a Industrial Cooker with no Water need]
  • CrystalCrackerBox [Get Gacha Crystals from the Collect Box. Opens Gacha Crystals]
  • DestroyBox [All inventoy itmes get destroyed]
  • ElemtcraftingBox [Craft Elemtdust or Elementshards fast to Element]
  • ForgeBox [Fast Forge]
  • KibbleBox [Craft different Kibbles and Rare Resource with the RR-KibblePaste]
  • PreservingBox [Like the Preserving bin only Faster]
  • SeedCraftingBox [Craft Different Seeds for Bingleberries]
  • SpoildMeatBox [Spoil your RawMeat fast]

Storage Boxes

  • Can PickUp Resource

  • AmmoStorageBox

  • CraftedItemStorageBox

  • MultiStorageBox

  • SaddleStorageBox

  • StructureStorageBox

  • WeaponStorageBox

  • ConsumableItemStorageBox

  • MultiStorageBox-Small

  • CraftedItemStorageBox-Small

  • DedicatedStorageBox

All important Informations like Engrams and Ini Settings can be found in the Discord!

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