Mod works with all Official DLC´s.



  • Admin Sign
  • Admin Gun
  • Admin Wings
  • Admin Painter
  • Admin Invisible Potion
  • Trophys
  • BaseLimiter

All Item Engrams need LVL 999 to craft.


  • Can be placed anywhere
  • Can be placed on other team structures
  • Has 10 Different BackGround Materials (Black, Green-Metal, Red-Metal, Shield, Stepped, Glas, MissionsArea, Ice, Planks, Nebula)
  • Letters can be colored
  • Sign will be destroyed by dropping out.


  • 9 Different Admin Modes
  • -1- Destroy (Dinos or Structures, You don't get any resources back)
  • -2- PickUp/Tame (Pickup Structures, Tame Wild Dinos)
  • -3- GiveToMe (Give you other Team Structures or Dinos)
  • -4- Stun (Stuns the target for 30 sec)
  • -5- Bomb (Destroy all in a Range from 25 Foundations)
  • -6- Heal- Heal Player or Dino to 100 %
  • -7- DinoImprint - imprint a Dino to 100%
  • -8- Genderchange - Change Gender
  • -9- Neuter - Spay or Neuter your Dino
  • Gun will be destroyed by dropping out.
  • Middle MousWheel/Button Change Mode


  • All Stats 99999
  • Wild Dinos want Target you
  • RunSpeed on Land and in Water
  • AntiRadiation Buff
  • Wings will be destroyed by dropping out.
  • 5 Different Colors: Sun, Blacksoul, MagicPink, MagicBlue and MultiColor


  • Let you Paint your Dinos on every Region and Color.
  • Painter will be destroyed by dropping out.


4 Different Trophys You can Write the Winner Name of the TrophyStand


Makes you Invisbile


Limiter can be Placed to Set a Range where Players can be Build in. Range can be edited in GameUserSettings


RR-AdminPreventionShieldRangeInFoundation=40 RR-MainBaseLimiterRangeInFoundation=40 RR-WaterBaseLimiterRangeInFoundation=20

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