Reverence Premium - Early Access

Map Name: Reverence_WP ID: 990449


If there are issues make them known in through the discord link below!

Current map completion: 42.5%

This map contains towering mountain peaks. Lush plains. Thick jungles and ruins of the old world that remain dotted on the landscape. Potentially even filled with spoils to be had. This Island was left behind, abandoned. With those ruins, caves, Caverns even there is much for you to explore. Above, and below. Now with what knowledge lies before you. Your treasures await, Survivor.

So for those of which that must be made aware. What are the fundamental differences between this Version of reverence compared to the free one. Well with what is available at this very moment is a Unique artifact cave. For what will come with further? There will be mass underground networks that will eb and flow beneath the surface. From there you will be able to delve deep beneath the surface of this ark. Finding brand new creatures, weapons, armor, and bosses! Now for the sake of this being Early access most of this has yet to come! Much of this content will be personally be made by myself. So a lot of time will be going into this project for the next 12-18 months.

For a listed view of what's to come.

3 Unique Underground Dome biomes

7 Unique artifact caves

3 Fully Custom Bosses

7 New Skinned Creatures (Themed for this map)

1 Unique Survivor skin (male, and Female)

16 New caves for you to explore (more like bunkers to be fair)

I've been thinking about natural form caves too though I'm not sure how many I'd like to make. Leave some suggestions maybe? I am considering making new weapons thought it's a question of how many, and what they would do.

To keep you posted. I have been listening in on feedback from you, as well as a few content creators. I will be taking a few days to work on a roadmap to give a better idea as to what content should be coming and when. Things can of course change and I will do my best to account for that in this road map. I will not be looking to put forth delays/rush content for you to enjoy. So with that said. I shall update you soon!

Share with your friends & join in? Bug reports, and what not are of course welcome! :p