Resonant's Shop Mod

Mod ID: 936660

This mod features an intuitive user interface allowing server owners to set up packages completely in game! Simply assign what items and dinos you want the package to give when purchased, fill out the package details and that's it! To access the shop press "F1" and the Shop UI will appear on screen. Server owners can adjust the frequency of points being given as well as the amount of points each time.

Editing shop packages is very simple, as long as you are in Admin mode the package editor button will appear at the top left of the Shop UI which will take you to the Package Creator tab allowing you to easily set up a shop package.

Add this entry to the GameUserSettings.ini in order to set these values:



The PointsTimer field determines how often (in seconds) points are given to the players on the server. The PointsToGive field determines how many points each player will receive when the timer goes off. So if you wanted to give players 100 points every hour it would look like this:



Please note that only players who are currently online will receive points.

You may also change the key bind used to open the shop, the default key bind is F1, if you are okay with this no change is needed. If you'd like to change the key bind you must add this line to the GameUserSettings.ini under the [RSM] category: OpenShopKey= Current supported key binds are F1, F2, F3, F4 and F5. If you'd like to set the open shop key bind to F2 it would look like this:


There is also a way to disable the in game notification that appears when players receive points the option for this is:

ShowPointsReceivedMessage=<True or False>

Discord: https://discord.gg/QatcMht6hp