Modern Plaster Structure Set

Plaster structures set with the same capabilities as adobe structures but strong like metal.

All white Plaster Wall sides are now paintable!

Helps regulate temperature control ones boxed in with these walls. Strong like metal, so much harder to destroy.

I have been wanting to have Adobe like structures in the game for my modern builds. So ended up creating my own.

If you still struggle to survive the harsh temperatures try this mod:

Disclaimer This mod is in early stage, you might encounter bugs.

Compatibility: This mod should be compatible with any other mods. It has been partially tested with Keyboard and Xbox Controller.

GameUserSetting: None for now, but coming soon.

Bugs: If you encounter a bug please leave a message in the comment section.

Items Included in Mod [list] []Textured walls []Plaster Walls []2 sets of pillars []2 floor variations [*]2 ceiling variations [/list]

Newly Added: Double sided walls: Interior Brick and Marble walls

Check out Pages for spawn codes- -

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