Mythical Armory

Mod ID: 967786

This mod adds several base game armor and weapon variants, as well as unique fantasy armor, weapons and shields! Many of these items have unique sound effects and particles with a few having animations as well!

You can acquire these through spawns codes or the Armory terminal which is locked by default. Server admins can alter the level requirement and add these to bosses and crates with quality ranges.

Armors have vanilla stats while the weapons are a bit more powerful than the tek sword.

---Bench is currently broken but will be fixed once update is approved.---

Fantasy Weapons:

Abyssaris, Aegisblade, Darkveil, Drengar, Excalibur, Exnoctum, Grace, Lamentation, Luminarch, Meteora, Nightfall, Phantasma, Prophecy, Regalbane, Rigel, Stygianthral, Stygionix, Tyrant, Umbrastrike, Xyralith

Fantasy Shields:

Cryptcurse Shield, Draconic Sentinel, Ebonshroud Shield, Faceless Guardian, Faith's Bastion, Illumina Crest, Piety, Stormbreaker Shield, Wailing Ward, Winged Aegis

Living Weapons:

Vesperok, Zyrgonix

Living Shields:

Lithlth's Gaze, Rlyehian Herald

Skull Masks:

Abyssal, Ascended, Diamond, Gold, Noxious, Tyrannical

Wizard/Witch Hats:

Celestial, Charmed, Ethereal, Fire, Galaxy, Holy, Ice, Mystic

Magic Staves:

Aquarift, Astralsurge, Bloodseer, Dreambinder, Emberbane, Nebulight, Rimeweaver, Sacredflame

Magic Wands:

Bubble, Celestial, Charmed, Elderwood, Golden, Ice, Opalite (sound effects)

Tek Suits:

Abyssal, Ascended, Celestial, Chaos, Cryo, Diamond, Galaxy, Gold, Scorched, Star, Tyrannical, Zephyrus

Tek Swords/Shields:

Celestial, Citrine, Diamond, Galaxy, Gold, Rainbow, Scorched, Star

Scuba Gear:

Abyssal, Chaos, Tyrannical

Other Armors:

Bloody Cloth, Bloody Riot, Charmed Flak, Diamond Riot, Gold Riot, Invisibility Cloak

You can find the Spawn Codes and Engram Entries here…

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