Modern Structure Skins

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Mod approved for official servers!

Different structures featured in this mod. Most materials can be painted to an extent.

If you are having trouble seeing the cosmetics in the cosmetics tab, try uninstalling, restarting and reinstalling the mod.

Can be used as an alternative for official servers or servers that don’t use structure mods. Can be used to customize the appearance of any structure, whether it’s Thatch,Wood, Stone, Metal or Tek.

Mod includes 6 different material variations. Among these variants you can find the following:

• Original Plaster Set • Plank Set • Brick Set • Dark Wood Set • Bamboo/Redwood Set • Glass (Greenhouse) Set**

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All respective skins can be found under one item!

Simply head over to custom cosmetics tab to find the items. After that you can equip it to the “house” icon. Hover over any vanilla item and replace with a skin of choice.

Includes many of the pieces featured in the Modern Furniture Set along with a few new items not previously shown.

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Disclaimer: This mod is in early stage, you might encounter bugs.

Compatibility: This mod should be compatible with any other mods. It has been partially tested with Keyboard and Xbox Controller.

GameUserSetting: None

Bugs: If you encounter a bug please leave a message in the comment section.