Modern Furniture Set

Modern Furnitre Set

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New Structures to replace vanilla ones. Not a skin, but an actual placeable structure.

Included in this mod:

  • Modern Bed Queen
  • Modern Bed Single
  • Crop Pot Small Crop Pot Large
  • Lamps Modern Table Lamps (3 variations) Modern Wall Lamp
  • Bowl (Mortar and Pestle)
  • Seats Arm Chair (Chair)
  • Couch (Chair)
  • Loveseat (Bench)
  • Pouf (Chair)
  • Modern Stool (Chair)
  • Storage (Large Capacity)
  • Nightsand (Small Box)
  • Storage Trunk (Small Box) Armoire (Large Storage Box)
  • Stovetop (Grill)
  • Modern Table (Black and white)
  • Modern Faucet (Tap)

Newly added: New decor structure for those who just want the look without the functionality.

All Smaller and Silent

  • Modern Chem Bench
  • Modern Industrial Forge
  • Modern Industrial Cooker
  • Modern Fabricator
  • Modern Grinder
  • Modern Oil Jug (Produces Oil)
  • Modern Water Well (Place anywhere water well)
  • Small box Fridge
  • Storage Modern Vault (Stackable)
  • Modern Generator
  • Modern Transmitter (Small Tek Transmitter)
  • Modern Preserving Bin
  • Modern Spoil Bin
  • Modern Air Conditioner (4x as effective)

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New looks and changes to vanilla items. Simply place down and enjoy.

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Join the Sandi Development Discord for anything you might need, if you're looking for a server that uses the mod, or you need some support setting a mod up, would like to report a bug, there are players ready to help:


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Disclaimer: This mod is in early stage, you might encounter bugs.

Compatibility: This mod should be compatible with any other mods. It has been partially tested with Keyboard and Xbox Controller.

GameUserSetting: None

Bugs: If you encounter a bug please leave a message in the comment section.

[ModernFurniture] FridgeMaxInventoryCapacity=80 LargeTrunkWaxinventoryCapacity=150 TrunckMaxInventoryCapacity=150 NightstandMaxInventory/Capacity=100