Klinger Additional Skin Cosmetics Rustic Building

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An alternative for those who play on official servers or servers that do not have my Klinger Additional Rustic Building mod and want to customize their straw, wood and adobe structures for a Rustic appearance.

This mod has three classes K Rustic Wood Structure, K Rope Structures and K Rustic furniture.

Among its subclasses we have a class of skins dedicated to roofs, a class dedicated to ramps that transforms all vanilla roofs and ramps into k rustic ramps and another skin dedicated to stairs.

This mod also has extra skins from previous classes cleaned of snow and water for base interiors.

The mod's cosmetics can only be equipped on thatch, wood and Adobe structures to avoid imbalance on PvP servers.

Please consider making a donation of any amount if you think I am worthy, I would be very grateful for that, it encourages me to continue producing content constantly even though this is not the only reason I work with mods.